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After a spluttering Season 2, can Glee regain its initial charm and magic?

I HAVE a love-hate relationship with Glee.

At the risk of sounding terminally uncool, I admit I was a convert after watching the first couple of episodes in Season 1. There were fun karaoke numbers, self-deprecating lines, genuinely touching small moments, and awesome guest stars like Neil Patrick Harris and Broadway’s Idina Menzel.

The accolades came. Gleeks were found all over the world. The songs by the Glee cast blasphemously beat the Beatles’ record for the most appearances in the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart before overtaking Elvis himself.

Sadly the show soon became a victim of its own success. My initial crush cooled to a tepid interest as its plots turned crazier, lazier and more self-indulgent. Guests stars became completely random – a Britney Spears episode, really? – and even the regular cast members got more annoying. Season 2 could be summed up as “blandly passable”, as Vanity Fair put it. By the end of it, I found myself falling out of like.

But I couldn’t help the stirrings of forgotten emotions when I found myself in Los Angeles with the actors. My heart leapt a little when I toured the sets (OMG, Sue’s office and the choir room!). And, yes, it was truly electrifying when I locked eyes with the entire cast as they performed the show’s 300th song. Could it be that we were rekindling our busted romance?

I know the real test of the relationship will come with Season 3, which premiered on Star World two days ago. Is it a sign things may improve? Will my ex-flame learn from its mistakes? Will we be on the road to reconciliation? I tried digging for answers.

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Last season received really mixed reviews, with characterisation and plots that were all over the place. Will this be addressed in Season 3?

Cory Monteith: Absolutely. Everything critical I heard about the show, the writers heard. They must read these blogs or something. The scripts have changed a lot.

Mark Salling: There is a bunch of new writers, for one, so it is going to start from there. And it is going to give us more fuel for the fire to prove that we’re okay.

Chris Colfer: Everyone keeps saying, “This season is nothing like last season.” It really reminds me of Season 1. We are really focusing on the characters that we have, and have been there, that we haven’t learned much about. Like Harry Shum (who plays Mike Chang) in an episode called Asian F. It was so touching and has so much about him in it.

Do you guys think there were too many guest stars or themed episodes with random songs that didn’t contribute to the plot last season?

Monteith: I don’t think there were too many guest stars. I think people have kind of fallen in love with these regular characters. It’s cool to explore all of these characters and how they interact with each other.

Colfer: Yeah, I think a lot of songs were kind of a little arbitrary, but now they really do fit. Last year we had a blast doing all the hits but they just sometimes didn’t really work for the storyline. Like when characters are sad, they should sing a sad song and not be like, “I’m sad, but I’m going to sing this song by Rihanna.”

Monteith: I haven’t seen any theme episodes (this season), but I think even if there were, I think it would be to drive the story forward. It would be not a departure from the storyline like it was very much in the second season.

That’s good to hear. What’s coming up for your characters in Season 3?

Lea Michele: This year we’re still (tackling) the Rachel/Shelby relationship. Rachel and Kurt have some great stuff this year, and Finn and Rachel, now that that they are not breaking up anymore, also have some really interesting stuff coming up as well.

Monteith: Finn is struggling with whether or not he will get into a New York performing arts college or is he going to try to get a scholarship at Ohio State. And I have to do a lot with Lea Michele and Chris Colfer. There’s still very much the family storyline between Burt, Kurt, Finn and Finn’s mom.

Salling: I’ve been fortunate to have the writers be so kind and give me a great storyline this season, and it is involving the return of Puck’s baby, so it is pretty significant. And also a potential inappropriate romance.

Kevin McHale: Artie is currently directing West Side Story, which is kind of surprising all on its own. I was just as surprised as he was. You definitely see him unravel a bit.

This season also sees the addition of Damian McGinty, one of the winners of The Glee Project. Is working on Glee as tough as it looked on The Glee Project?

Michele: I will just tell you this: Damian said that what we do is way harder. I think that The Glee Project was a great way to prepare kids for what we do on the show. But our schedule is so insane that there is no way to be prepared for that.

How has Glee changed your lives?

Michele: For me, my cast is literally my family. And I don’t have family out here in Los Angeles. When I came here to do Glee I didn’t know anyone. I spend the majority of my time working but also off-set with them.

Colfer: It’s crazy because when we were filming in Central Park (for the Season 2 finale), we had to call in the National Guard because there were so many fans that showed up and it became a huge, huge security thing. They actually had to say, “Go to your trailers and don’t come out for another hour.” It is a bit of a mental trip.

McHale: The weirdest people who meet me are like, “Oh, my god, you can walk.” And they are happy and fine. But sometimes they are like, “Oh, my god, I’m so disappointed that you can actually walk.” I just take it as I must be a really great actor