Chris Colfer in Israel’s Rosh1 Magazine

It’s a poll titled: Who’s your favorite gay celebrity? Ellen DeGeneres came in first, followed by Chris Colfer.



Chris Colfer in Israel’s Rosh1 Magazine

1. He won second place in the contest of most favourite gay celeb.

2. The article:

The contest is Best and most favourable gays:

Second place – Chris Colfer.

Who am I? A proud Gleek with an amazing soprano voice and a half of Klaine. A great guy that can be describe with lots of superlatives.

Coming out: Just like Kurt, his character on Glee, when Chris came out he won the acceptance of his parents and family, but less accepting were the bullies, that went after him only because he was gay. But as known for every gleek, happy ending come – Chris went to audition for glee for the role of Artie buy Ryan Murphy, the brilliant brains behind the show, discovered the potential and remembered his own story and wrote Kurt just for Colfer.

By the way, because of this role, Chris Colfer won a golden globe in 2011, and gave a speach that was real and full of feelings about bullying. Slushie in your face losers!

For the gay comunity: The role of Kurt was chosen at the Time 100 and Colfer used the magazine to tell about bullying that he himself suffered through high school. And this is only one example. At every chance given, Colfer calls boys and girls to go with their hearts, and fight bullying. Chris, we’re right behind you!